Robert Perišić

Perišić has created his own audience and his own position in the
modern Croatian literature. His books are both supreme bestsellers and
authentic portrayals of transition reality.
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Olja Savičević Ivančević

Olja Savičević Ivančević appeared recently on the Croatian book scene as one of the few successful women writers and she already has fans, even outside of Croatia (Germany, Slovenia, USA)
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Damir Karakaš

The movie "Lika Movie Theater" directed by Dalibor Matanić and inspired by the motives of Damir Karakaš's book came to theaters in 2008 and instantly became a huge success.
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Srđan Valjarević

For his novels The Diary of Another Winter and Lake Como he was
awarded Bank Austria Literaris Prize (the former was listed among top
ten novels of Southeastern Europe in 2006; the latter was elected second
from 25 short-listed out of 800).
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Stela Jelinčić

Young author of a peculiar style. She describes the subjective reality of the generation brought up in the dawn of post communist transition, followed by war and social double standards
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Marinko Koščec

His novel "Netko drugi" (Someone Else) was awarded with "Meša Selimović" prize 2002 (the best novel published in 2001 in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro). The novel "Wonderland" was awarded with the prize "VBZ" for the best novel manuscript in 2003.
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Bekim Sejranović

His Nigdje, niotkuda/Nowhere, from Nowhere won “Meša Selimović” prize for the best novel published in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro in 2008.
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Boris Gunjević

Boris Gunjević, Croatian theologian, priest, professor of history of philosophy and liturgy. The co-author with Slavoj Žižek of "God in Pain - Inversions of Apocalypse".
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